Aurora BOM

Rarely do I put up anything that costs money, but I know some people were sad to miss this one the first time around, and Alyce is doing it again. There’s a subscription fee of $15.95 AUD ($12 something USD) and that covers ALL the patterns. One and done.


Click the lovely logo, which is one of the star patterns, to find out all the details. I’ve been doing the Modern HST Sampler with Alyce, and I will tell you that her instructions and tutorials are SO easy to follow. I’ve signed up for this one, and I expect it to be the same. This is a six month project, and Alyce said, “The blocks are grouped by technique or design, so most months include 2-4 blocks to make, and we’ll finish the quilt off with the large Aurora block!”

There you go, now, clickety click!

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Gnome Angel and Tula Pink QAL

I posted about this on August 2. It started today, so this is just a reminder.

#100Days100Blocks - Sew a block a day for one hundred days using Tula Pink's City Sampler as your guide. Find out more on

#100Days100Blocks – Sew a block a day for one hundred days using Tula Pink’s City Sampler as your guide. Find out more on

So if you are a Tula Pink fan, or if you are a Gnome Angel (Sydney, Australia time for all projects) fan, or even if you are just casting around for a new project between now and Christmas, this might be for you! It’s conducted on Instagram, but I think you could do it even if you aren’t on Instagram. Maybe you couldn’t post to the group, but you could still make the blocks.

You don’t have to use Tula Pink fabrics, just the Tula Pink book!

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Fantastic Beasts QAL


The information on the button is all I’ve seen so far. It’s paper-pieced and bound to be great designs, coming from FIS.

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Olympics QAL: Summer Games Mystery

Thanks to Marian at Seams to be Sew for the heads up on this one.


Click on the mystery layout logo to go to the first post. I was still able to download this block on Saturday at 3:45 EDT. There is a tutorial for this block at that link.

Block Two was also downloadable still, but these two blocks will soon be purchase only.

Starting with The Archery Block I believe the blocks will be available for 24 hours only! Get them each day.

In another post, the designer also said this about the QAL, “If you miss the day you can still purchase the individual block patterns or wait until the end and purchase the patterns for the entire pattern. Or just come to the blog each day and download the pattern of the day for free. The overall quilt will be 52″ x 52″. The blocks are primarily for paper piecing and foundations will be provided. There is some applique. The applique are simple shapes. The patterns will be directly from Electric Quilt (i.e. limited additional illustrations or instructions).”

In that same post, check out her balloons quilting design pantograph. Pantographs are generally used with mid and longarm machines, but she’s designed this one for use with embroidery machines also.

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Milky Way Paper Piecing QAL

Thanks to Kaholly for letting me know about this Coats and Clark QAL! You paper-piecers are rolling in projects this summer.


Clicking on the quilt picture takes you to their blog post with all the details. At the bottom of that post, there’s another link which takes you to the Coats and Clark site. Both have similar information, and a link to their video about paper piecing. It’s about 10 minutes long, and pretty informative. It is a log cabin pattern, though, so it’s relatively simple.

The second page has the list of supplies for the project.

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